This page has been set up in order to facilitate requests for assistance in looking for members of families of the animal persuasion. Please take a few minutes to review the listed information and photos and see if you can help find these loved ones. The listings now are dated and may assist you in your search.

If you have a photo and or text that you would like to post. Please send it in in a useful graphic format (i.e. jpeg, gif are the most common forms) and plain text email.

We also ask that you please keep us informed as to the status of your submission.

  • If lost cat is found please let us know so we can remove from the listing.
  • If a found cat is returned to their owner, please let us know as well.

Search guide to use when looking for your lost one.

The Cat Network is not responsible for, or the distribution of any reward offered by an owner of a lost family member of the animal persuasion listed on this web site. Please email info to

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