Should I Adopt an Adult Cat or a Kitten?


Kittens love to play at 3:00 a.m. it’s often the perfect timing to run the Indy 500 & climb the curtains.
Kittens are still developing their personalities.
A kitten is only a kitten for a short time period.
Kittens are adorable, but hard work, requiring a lot of time and patience for at least a year.
Kittens require more medical care & vaccinations they are still developing their immune systems.

Kittens are adorable and cute, but stop and think.
Is a Kitten right for you?

Adult Cats

Older cats enjoy a good night’s sleep by their human’s side & still willing to play with you at times.
Each cat’s personality is unique and by adopting an older cat you know what personality you are adopting.
Older cats are very appreciative that you have given them a home and will love you for that.
Older cats have developed a good immune system.

Older cats need a home and second chance at life.
Is an Adult Cat right for you?