This week’s Featured Feline is Bunny.  Bunny is a sweet female cat available for adoption from her foster parent Pat M.

Bunny is a healthy kitty that was born with a birth defect to her eyes that causes blindness in her right eye and limited vision in her left eye.  But that doesn’t stop Bunny from being a playful, adorable cat ready to give love to someone special!

Because of Bunny’s limited vision, she operates best with another cat to act as her guide.  Make sure you check out all of our cats up for adoption so you can find a great companion for Bunny!

Medium hair Black and White Tuxedo

Very fluffy and adorable (as you can see from the picture!)


Birth date: April 2010

If you are interested in meeting Bunny, please email her foster parent Pat M. or call The Cat Network at 305-255-3482 and ask for Bunny.