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  • Added in March 1, 2015
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Humphrey is a big, handsome gray tuxedo. The picture was from before he was neutered so it doesn’t show it but the tip of one of his ears has been cut. His right arm was fractured at one point and healed on its own but he sometimes walks with a slight limp. Also, if you rub his belly when he’s standing up, you’ll feel this sharp bone under the skin toward the bottom of his chest. My vet thinks it’s either from an old injury or he could have been born with this deformity. It doesn’t bother him. Humphrey has been living around my parents’ nursing home where most of the residents and staff adore him. He would follow residents along when they took strolls outside. However, one of the administrators there does not like cats so I’m afraid that he might have been dumped. The nursing home is at NW 9th Ave and 4th St but if he was dumped he could be anywhere. He is used to getting food from people so he will likely approach anyone who feeds cats outside. If anyone sees him please contact Maribel at 786-393-0025.