Inaugural Cat Network Fundraiser

On October 2, the inaugural Le Chat Noir event shined in the Design District to raise awareness of the plight of homeless cats in South Florida.

With over 300 people in attendance and housed in the prestigious Wolfgang Roth and Partners, Fine Art gallery, guests were dazzled by contemporary artwork, a swimsuit fashion show and a parade of elegant black cats with shiny coats and diamond collars. To top off the evening, celebrity biker cat Otto, and his owner Christopher R. Coppola from Los Angeles, descended from a limousine in matching black fedora hats custom-made for the event. “Otto makes his own decisions. He said he we had to come to Miami and help his fellow cats,” shared Coppola.

Otto commanded attention as he comfortably walked through a room full of celebratory music and crowds of onlookers. “He’s completely at ease.  Earlier today at the Peterson’s Harley Davidson dealer, Otto was remarkably comfortable with crowds and noise and he even signed autographs. Indeed he is a celebrity,” said Christine Michaels chairperson of the event.  Both Christopher and Otto rode a Harley Road King motorcycle to the Epic Hotel in downtown Miami, a five-star pet friendly hotel.

A number of local, community-minded companies donated goods and services for the inaugural event including Bacardi, Smith & Wollensky, Whole Foods Market, Parties by Pat, Mr. Cool Waters, Amazon Printers, Deva Swimwear and Worldwide Limousine. The collaboration elevated the experience.

Organized by The Cat Network, Inc. and sponsored by the ASPCA, the black cat was chosen as the symbol for the event. Statistically black cats have the lowest adoption rates and highest rate of euthanization at the shelters. The gala, along with animal-loving attendees, aimed at turning around the myths about black cats and demonstrating their beauty and intelligence. A number of black cats and kittens await adoption through the Cat Network.

To view a ten-minute slideshow of the day’s event, please click here. (You may need to download the free program to view the slideshow on Windows).

Individuals or families interested in adopting or donating to the cause, view the following pages:

Adoptable Cats and Kittens

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The Cat Network is grateful for our generous sponsors who have made Le Chat Noir possible.  Learn more about our sponsors.

Le Chat Noir: Breaking the Myths About Black Cats