Dear fellow cat lover and The Cat Network, Inc. supporter,

Thank you for your continued support of The Cat Network Inc. 2011 has been a memorable year for feline advocates of South Florida as our all volunteer group helped sterilize 6,100 cats. To date, our low cost spay/neuter program, which has over 40 participating veterinarians in Miami-Dade and Broward County, has allowed our members to fix over 61,000 cats since 1995 when the organization was founded.

The Cat Network, Inc.’s mobile surgical unit, The Meow Mobile, has grown so popular that events throughout particular areas of need in Miami are booked weeks in advance. The Meow Mobile team of veterinarian, Dr. Marc Kramer, and veterinary technician, Eliana Ardila, have helped fix 2,850 cats in 2011 alone. You can visit The Meow Mobile’s website for more information about a spay/neuter event in your area:

It has also been a fantastic year for finding forever homes for the cats and kittens in our foster program. The Cat Network, Inc. volunteers have adopted out over 535 rescued cats and kittens in 2011. To date, our adoption referral program has placed nearly 8,000 cats in loving homes. Click on the attached video link for a photo montage of our efforts.

In addition to our local adoption efforts, The Cat Network, Inc. has partnered with sister group, Last Chance Animal Rescue, a non-profit organization in Waldorf, Maryland, to help save shelter kitties. Due to cold winters, kittens are scarce up north, and Last Chance Animal Rescue gladly accepts homeless kittens from our local shelter. In an extraordinary show of team effort, shelter staff ensures the kittens are healthy, The Cat Network, Inc. volunteers foster the felines pending transport, and two volunteers drive 18 hours to Maryland in a van filled with tiny meowers. In 2011, The Cat Network, Inc. helped transfer 386 shelter kittens to Last Chance Animal Rescue. To date, The Cat Network, Inc. has rescued almost 500 shelter kittens in just the two years since this life saving effort began.

None of these accomplishments would be possible but for the support and generosity of persons such as yourself. The Cat Network, Inc. is so grateful to the individuals like you who strongly believe that every community cat, whether beautiful and adoptable or scraggly and feral, deserves to live. The Cat Network, Inc. is committed to the mission of helping overcome the severe cat overpopulation in South Florida. Your donation this year will certainly help our efforts to continue helping homeless cats. You can donate online at:

Thank you and Happy Holidays,
The Cat Network, Inc.