More than 60 million cats currently live on the streets in the United States, according to data collected by the Feral Cat Coalition. If these cats are not spayed or neutered, they can act out with violence and breed rapidly, prompting many shelters to trap and euthanize them. The Cat Network of Florida supports the live sterilization of rescued cats and kittens, and finds them permanent homes with adoption-referral efforts and a comprehensive system of cat foster care.

To help improve the live release rate of feral cats in the Miami-Dade County area, The Cat Network’s transfer program places cats from shelters into foster homes, and then removes them to animal-rescue groups with high adoption rates. Foster families shelter cats for 10 days, feeding them, playing with them, and providing any necessary medical treatment. The Cat Network would like to provide kitten care packages to help foster families ease the cats’ transitions into their temporary homes. Each kitten care package contains a blanket and enough canned and dry cat food to feed between six and eight cats for a week.

Join G-Team and donate $10 to help foster families care for feral cats and kittens. If G-Team members raise $300, then The Cat Network can fund 15 foster-kitten care packages with food and blankets. Each additional $20 raised will fund another foster care package.

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