“We have warm weather all year round down here, so we have kitten season all year long.”

– Jill Steinberg, The Cat Network

In warm climates, feral cats thrive. South Florida is home to 500,000 stray cats with a constant influx of new litters on the way.

The Cat Network is the main nonprofit addressing this problem. We foster cats, get them spayed and neutered, adopt them out – they even transport kittens to colder climates during the winter to get them adopted. And rather than having a massive adoption center housing hundreds of cats for upkeep, we do it all through a network of local foster homes and veterinarians.

And we are extremely good at what we do.

“By the end of next year, we’ll have helped the public spay and neuter almost 80,000 cats since 1995,” says Board Secretary Jill Steinberg. “I you take the equation that 2 cats can become 400,000 cats in 7 years, we’ve taken the population down by 2.8 million.”

Population control is a big part of our job. Another is just making sure we are keeping the population healthy and free from epidemic.

Rabies can spread quickly and quietly, lurking for 7-10 days before animals show symptoms. And feral cats are at major risk.

Your donation through Philanthroper will go to vaccinate cats from rabies. $3 immunizes one cat against rabies.

“It’s a requirement by law that all animals get rabies vaccines,” says Steinberg. “Plus it’s just being a good neighbor, because there are raccoons and foxes around here, and they do have the capability of carrying rabies.”

Will you give $1 to help a homeless cat get a rabies vaccination? Donate here: https://philanthroper.com/deals/the-cat-network