Thanks to our ASPCA community partnership and grant money allocated by the ASPCA, we are happy to announce that starting today, August 15th, $15 spay/neuter surgeries (CASH ONLY) will be available at the following vet clinics:

  • Miami Meow Mobile
  • A.S.I.S. Animal Clinic
  • Bravo Animal Health Center
  • Old Cutler Animal Clinic
  • South Kendall Animal Clinic
  • Tropical Park Animal Hospital

All cats will receive a mandatory stomach tattoo (a small green line to show the cat has been sterilized), a rabies vaccine (if old enough), and all ferals receive an ear tip. If the animal is an owned pet, and the animal goes outside, the ear tip is highly recommended.

This $15 surgery rate is available to the entire community, Cat Network members and non-members.

The only acceptable form of payment is CASH. Please bring exact change and pay at the vet clinic. Some vets may require advance appointments and only participate on certain days of the week. Please observe the existing vet requirements posted here.  Meow Mobile requirements are here. For example, if surgeries are only done on Fridays, please do not ask for a special appointment on Saturday.

We have 1540 surgeries to be done in a short time frame so get out there and start trapping!